Friday, November 13, 2009

topher wescott.

this is the first book i had gotten back. drug induced and lousy spelling throughout. this is tophers. he is in bed right now because his knee hurts. a lot.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

d. giglio

here is the second book i have gotten back into my arms. and hands. but i will show you this one first. cause there is no color. and my scanner sucks with color. so the first will wait for now... but i am very excited about this one. and it is not even finished. it is that good. enjoy. oh yea. the man behind this book is the same man behind the name of the title of the post. go re read it. now. i have also noticed it is also written in the first image. i am big dummy. me stupid. i so stupid. if forgot to mention that these books i had screen printed and bound and sent to people i enjoy and told them all to fill out the stories to said drawings. that was near cinco de mayo. it is almost thanksgiving. i even pre stamped the return envelope. but oh well. here we go.


trying to learn how to color correct on photoshop cause my scanner is heinous.

Monday, November 9, 2009

welcome. i guess.

i am lazy. i know people who are lazy. but some people are not lazy. and sometimes i am not lazy. and when that happens. this will happen. and by this will happen. i mean posts will happen. and we will do this together. but only because it involves you.